InSPIRE- Varanasi, 2016

A Conclave cum exhibition on InSPIRE (Inclusion for Smart city Planning of India using Renewable energy and Energy efficiency) was organised by MCIIE, IIT (BHU), Varanasi along with Indian Institute of Management-Ahmadabad, Indian Biogas Association, New Delhi and Department of Chemistry, Institute of Science(BHU), Varanasi on 29th & 30th January, 2016 at K N Udupa Auditorium, IMS(BHU).

The overall objectives of the InSPIRE were:

  • To achieve more efficient, coherent and coordinated actions towards increasing renewable energy  access and  ensuring energy  efficiency for development of Smart City;
  • To inform decision-makers and influence sector policies for scaling up energy efficiency and participation of renewable energy for proper growth of Smart city.
  • To establish a professional core group of key players for coordination and

collaboration with  the government. This unit can support other investor in accessing all the necessary permission.

The various theme topics covered in InSPIRE were:-

  • Role of energy and energy efficiency in future cities.
  • Financial assistance for green energy initiatives.
  • Knowledge and business exchange sessions.
  • Solar energy and future cities development.

List of participants

S.No Name Department
1 Mr. Asheesh Agarwal Royal Norweign Embassy
2 Dr Ida Tiwari Department of Chemistry,BHU
3 Neetu Department of Chemistry,BHU
4 Ishwar Chandra Maurya Department of Chemistry,BHU
5 Nandita Jaiswal Department of Chemistry,BHU
6 Arun Kumar Gupta Department of Chemistry,BHU
7 Vineeta Gautam Chemical Engineering, IIT(BHU)
8 T K Singh Hindalco, Renukoot
9 Indrajeet Yadav CBS Energy, New Delhi
10 Riya Agrahari  G L A University ,Mathura
11 Pintu Yadav  G L A University ,Mathura
12 Shobhit Dixit  Chemical Engineering, IIT(BHU)
13 Pramendra Gaurh  Chemical Engineering, IIT(BHU)
14 Dr. Divya Pratap Singh  Department of Chemistry,BHU
15 Utsal Chaudhary  B S A Engineering College, Mathura
16 Vikram Singh Rana  B S A Engineering College, Mathura
17 Atul Pratap Singh Basera Real State/Stall Booking
18 Deepika Kushwaha Chemical Engineering, IIT(BHU)
19 Shraddha Awasthi Chemical Engineering, IIT(BHU)
20 Neha Srivastava Chemical Engineering, IIT(BHU)
21 Lata Kumari Chemical Engineering, IIT(BHU)
22 Abhilasha Dixit Chemical Engineering, IIT(BHU)
23 Zeenat Chemical Engineering, IIT(BHU)
24 Danbahadur Pal Department of Chemistry,BHU
23 Pradeep Singh Department of Chemistry,BHU
24 Binay Kumar Gupta Kashi Katha
25 Ishant Tripathi Kashi Katha
26 Sunjay Department of Geophysics,BHU
27 Abhishek Prasaad Biochemical Department
28 Anoop Chemical Engineering, IIT(BHU)
29 Animesh Jain Mechanical Engineering, IIT(BHU)
30 Amit Sharma Mechanical Engineering, IIT(BHU)
31 Nitesh Kumbhkar Mechanical Engineering, IIT(BHU)
32 Shivam Gupta Machine & More

Day to day report

Day 1 – Inauguration of Conclave (29th Jan, 2016)


InSPIRE-Varanasi, 2016 was started by floral tribute to Mahamana Ji and lightning of lamp by Our Chief Guest Shri Binay Kumar Ji, The Art of Living Foundation and Guest of Honour, Prof. V.K. Shukla, Director, Institute of Medical Sciences, BHU, Prof. B. Singh, Director, Institute of Science, BHU & Mr. A.K. Singh, Managing Director, PVVNL, Varanasi which was followed by “Manglacharan” and “Kulgeet”

Prof. P K Mishra who was the Chairman of InSPIRE-Varanasi, 2016 & coordinator of MCIIE, IIT (BHU) welcomed the guests & participants. Moreover, He said there is no specific definition of being smart but a smart city must be energy efficient and able to attain zero discharge, which is basically the objective of InSPIRE Conclave.

Prof. Pradeep Srivastava, convener of InSPIRE-Varanasi, 2016 briefed about the MCIIE and the quest of green energy in present era. He said, MCIIE has been a playing a great role not only in the IIT (BHU) but also for the society & through this conclave MCIIE will look for the aspects to reach to the masses in green, clean & sustainable energy.

Mr. Gaurav Kedia, Vice Chairman of InSPIRE-Varanasi, 2016 and Chairman of Indian Biogas Association described about the genesis of InSPIRE & role of Renewable energy in the development of Smart city. He said, apart from technological and financial feasibility, there is a requirement of social feasibility. He said we need to be inspired to come out with the smart city and we need to be inspired from Nature.

inspire_2Prof. S. N. Upadhyay, Former Director, IIT (BHU) Varanasi described about the theme of the conclave. He said, this conclave was organised to prepare the roadmap to overcome the need of energy with the help of renewable energy in smart city. As day by day the need for energy is increasing and we have limited resources. So this conclave will ultimately discuss about the resources available which India can pursue and how we can use them.

Dr N L Singh, Institute of Science (BHU) paid tribute to Mahamana Malviya Ji. He said Human being using various resources to fulfilling their needs. This two day conclave is being organised to discuss and share their experience in the field of technical session, policy making and financial session.

Dr. A R Shukla, Former advisor, Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, New Delhi and president of IBA briefed about the government initiatives taken in the field of Renewable Energy. He said renewable energy is just like a supporting plan in the field of energy which let India flourish & we would come out as a smart nation.

Prof. V K Shukla, Director, Institute of Medical Science, BHU briefed about the role of renewable energy in the field of health sector. He discussed about the India’s position in the field of energy.  He said energy crisis can be only overcome by use of renewable energy and conservation projects. He said hospitals are highly technological and there is excessive & urgent requirement of energy and there is hardly 25% hospital that is completely renewable energy based. So, there is a need to formulate an appropriate policy which can overcome the energy demands in healthcare systems.

Prof. B. Singh, Director, Institute of Science, BHU discussed about R & D challenges. He said Science is the foundation of technology. He said when science and technology comes together, they brings out amazing results.

inspire_3Mr. A.K. Singh, Managing Director, PVVNL, Varanasi discussed about the need of focusing on renewable energy. He said energy efficiency is not the conservation of energy. Energy efficiency says get the work done in less amount of energy. He quoted “Koi bhi kaam ghar se shuru hota hai”. Moreover he added “Character building is the smart city”

In between blessings and experiences, a video was displayed about the holistic initiatives taken by the art of living foundation.


inspire_4Mr Binay Kumar Ji, Chief Guest of InSPIRE-Varanasi,2016 from The Art of Living Foundation started his speech by lines “Marna sabhi ko hai par marna koi nai chahta” He said nature has the solution of every problem, We just need to go with nature. Moreover, He added, there is need of down to top approach i.e. “sabka hath sabka vikas”. Our Nature has bestowed us with innumerable resources, but we people first destroy it and later run behind it and use infinite number of resources to get it back. He added how we have destroyed topmost soil by using technology. He said it’s more scientific to use bulls for farming rather than tractors.

Prof. Rajeev Sangal, Director IIT (BHU) gave presidential speech in which he added clean water, energy, law and order is under smart city but the way to get it is through community. Moreover, He added that at we need to develop a prototype at the level of community, individual, administration which is more ecofriendly and sustainable.

Prof. P K Mishra gave the thanked everyone to make the inaugural function a grand success.

Technical session that was started at 12:15 pm, Mr. Gaurav Kedia was the chairperson and Ms. Lata Kumari was reporteer.

1st session was started by Miss Deepika tuteja, Active Architect & Consultant from In Awe, New Delhi. She briefed about the “Role of energy efficiency in Smart Cities at micro level” She said that the pace of urbanization had seen an acceleration and was still expected to grow as the country sets to a more rapid growth. Economic reforms coupled with growth and employment in cities proves a powerful magnet. Moreover she added that in order to provide better living conditions for existing and future generations, cities need to be improved by adopting the sustainability practices. She also discussed about the work model for energy efficient smart cities.

Mr. Binay Kumar Ji, Volunteer from The Art of Living Foundation displayed the video about the cleaning garbage of any form. He said Lots of thing comes from money but not everything and there is a huge gap between that everything and lots of thing. He added we need to adopt and spread good habits among others. He emphasized that only a good attitude can bring a lot change and help us to move towards attaining our goal of being smart.

inspire_5Mr. Deepak Gadhia, Director of Muni Seva Ashram Renewtech presented on Green Ashram: An example for a sustainable community for becoming a Model town-ship. He more focused on smart villages. He said bottom top approach can lead into a smarter nation. He said that to serve the deficient and needy section of the society, we need employing the best available technologies in the complete harmony with the nature. He discussed about the solar energy and its implementation. Even he cleared the myth about solar energy and briefed about the solar concentrators that is implemented at ladakh which cooks for 500 army personnel. He briefed how the vision of President Dr A P J Abdul Kalam of Providing Urban Amenities in rural India is being implemented at Muni Seva Ashram.


inspire_6Mr. V K Singh, Deputy Director General of Indian Ordnance Factory focused upon the implementation of renewable energy and how it could be helpful for the society and the nation.


inspire_7Mr. Debashish Chakraborty, General Manager of Scheneider-electric discussed how the urbanization, digitization and demographic industrialization has continues to grow the energy consumption. He focused upon the smart city and solutions to cities challenges.

Mr. Sanjay Agarwal from CBS Technologies Ltd. emphasized upon the need of smart villages and certain ways to achieve it.

inspire_8Dr B S Negi, Director(R & D), Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, New Delhi shared his experiences on the certain initiatives taken by the MNRE and Government. Moreover, He also focused on Biogas potential and its achievements. He also explained about the ongoing efforts for the development of technology package for scaling up deployment.


inspire_9Dr. A R Shukla, Former Advisor, Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, New Delhi discussed about the dimensions of smart city planning & maintenance. He also focused upon the smart waste processing and resource recovery centers.


inspire_10Mr. P S Ojha, State Coordinator & Member convener, U.P.STATE BIO-ENERGY DEVELOPMENT BOARD, Department of Planning, Govt. of U.P discussed and focused upon the energy efficiency, employment in bio-mass sector, rural cleanliness.


First day of conclave ended with cultural item performed by Faculty of Performing Arts (BHU) which was being followed by Dinner.

inspire_11 inspire_12

Day 2 (30th Jan, 2016)

In the Ist session of 30 Jan, Prof. S N Upadhyay was the Chairperson along with Neha Srivastava as a Reporteer.

inspire_13Dr. Ajay Chandak, Consultant and Innovator, Renewable India discussed about the innovative financing mechanism of solar products from public participation.

Prof. Debrata Das from IIT, Kharagpur discussed about the improvement of gaseous energy recovery by Biohythane process using sugarcane Bagasse. He also discussed about the diversity of Biological Hydrogen Production Processes.

Dr P B Rastogi, Former Advisor, MoEFCC, New Delhi talked about the smart and environment friendly cities.


inspire_14Padamshri Dr. Janak Palta McGilligan from Mcgilligan Sustainable Development Centre talked about the safety and security within the smart cities and villages. She emphasized upon the use of eco friendly products and not to harness the nature.

After all the three session, oral presentations were presented by the participants who were followed by the Panel Discussion.



Our panelist Dr Janak Palta Mcgilligan, Mr. Deepak Gadhia, Mr. V K Singh, Prof S N Upadhyay, Prof. P K Mishra & Mr. Gaurav Kedia discussed about the technical, financial and social feasibility and prepared a roadmap to attain the goal of smart energy with renewable energy and efficiency.

This valedictory ceremony ended with warm discussion followed by the the vote of thanks from Prof. P K Mishra.

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