Present Incubates:

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Graduated Incubates:

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Present Incubates information:

Sr Start-up Name Promoter Founded in Domain Details
1 Bridgedots Techservices Pvt. Ltd.
  1. Nikhar Jain [B Tech, IIT (BHU), Chemical Engg; 2009]
  2. Tanmay Pandya [B Tech, IIT (BHU), Chemical Engg; 2009]
  3. Abhishek Poddar [B Tech, IIT (BHU), Chemical Engg; 2008]
mmm-yyyy Chemical Industry
  • Winner of DST-Lockheed Martin Award 2015
  • Developed technologies related to Extraction of Silica from Rice Husk Ash, Water Repellent Coating for Non-Woven PP bags, Construction Chemicals
  • In process of graduating out. Established an office in Delhi.
2 Magzhub Pvt. Ltd.
  1. Ambrish Nigam [B Tech, IIT (BHU), Metallurgy Engg; 2010 ]
  2. Anugrah Agarwal [MTech IIT (BHU), 2011]
mmm-yyyy IT Industry
  • One stop magazine online portal
  • Winner of Start-up 20-20 competition at IIM, Ahmedabad
  • 1000 paid subscribers
3 Karpa IT Solutions LLP
  1. Suresh Shukla [B Tech, IIT (BHU), Chemical Engg; 2000]
  2. Sonal Shukla [B Tech, COE (Aurangabad), Electrical Engg; 1998]
June, 2013 IT Industry
  • Internet filtering solutions, specialized in parental control
  • Internationally selling Parental Control add-on for Chrome browser
  • Parental Control for Smart Phones is coming soon
4 Anaglob Technology Services Pvt. Ltd.
  1. Gaurav Tiwari [BTech]
  2. Udita Dhruv [Bachelor of Fine Arts, BHU]
mmm-yyyy IT Industry
  • SHURUA(R)T is an online platform for selling original art works made by professional visual arts students which can finance their education and Connect art lovers to original works of art.
  • Presently selling its products
5 Kashi Handicrafts Pvt. Ltd.
  1. Prince Diwarkar [Pursuing BTech from IIT (BHU)]
  2. Osho Sidhant [Pursuing BTech from IIT (BHU)]
  3. Sonveer Singh [Pursuing BTech from IIT (BHU)]
mmm-yyyy IT Industry
  • Craft Emporio aims to do online selling of art and crafts made by indigenous artisans and craftsmen of India. It brings on scene the local designers/artists from the hinterland of India to showcase their talent to a bigger audience.
  • Presently selling its products
6 iMinBit TechIndia Pvt. Ltd.
  1. Naveen Kumar[B Tech, IIT (BHU), Civil Engg; 2014]
  2. Rohit Mittal [MTech, IIT (BHU), Civil Engg; 2015]
mmm-yyyy Chemical Industry
  • Water saving RO water filters
  • Prototype tested
  • Patent applied
7 Iblazion Pvt. Ltd.
  1. Vishesh Sharma [ B Tech, IIT (BHU), Ceramic Engg; 2015]
mmm-yyyy IT Industry
  • Has promoted, a platform for hiring interns from top colleges in India.
  • Has helped over 100 organisations to hire interns from top colleges
  • INTUIT Fortune 500 Co. First paid customer
  • One of the most popular sites (based on Google Analytica)
8 Agati Health Care Pvt. Ltd
  1. Mamta Sharma [PhD, Biochemistry, BHU, 1998]
mmm-yyyy Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Nutraceutical Products, Colostrum based Products
  • Agreements signed
  • Space allocated, work will begin soon