Entrepreneurial and Managerial Development Awareness, Feb-2016

A one day awareness programme was organized on theme “Support for Entrepreneurial and Managerial Development of SMEs through Incubators” at Malaviya Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship (MCIIE) at IIT (BHU) Varanasi on 29 February 2016. The dignitaries present were; Mr. I. B. Singh, Deputy Director In-charge, Br. MSME– Development Institute, Varanasi, Mr. Shri  Rajesh Kumar Verma, President, The Small Industries Association, Chandpur, Varanasi, Dr. Pradeep Srivastava & Prof. P. K. Mishra, IIT, BHU, Shri Narendra M. Johari, Consultant & Assessor, Quality Council of India, New Delhi & Shri Surendra Sharma Asstt. Director (G/C) MSME, Varanasi Mr. I. B. Singh welcomed the dignitaries and the participants of this workshop. The workshop group size was based for 65 attendees, in the following event where workshop findings was shared with a larger audience, students from IIT (BHU) participated in this workshop. By continuing this seminar he presented a case study on incubations of pre and post industrialization.

To set the ball rolling Prof. Mishra, talked about solar energy and biogas energy, he also briefed about saving water resources. Dr. Srivastava asked our audience to think about starting an enterprise to increase India’s GDP. Mr. Johari gave an insight about quality control and lean manufacturing, at the end Mr. Sharma concluded the workshop by describing about the present scheme of MSME in a form of presentation. Everyone participated in group discussion and made suggestions. These suggestions were noted down to be analyzed and prioritized. Prof. P. K. Mishra, appreciated this approach and thanked all for their suggestions and support.


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